Antigua Resort

Antigua Resort, Dakar, Senegal
Symmetries – The first design idea was inspired by the typical elements of the Islamic garden, working and thinking of symmetries and geometries typical of oriental culture.
The result is a well-definited spatial, where the green areas become elements of a design quadripartite generators, where each area takes on a symbolic value: earth, air, fire anc water.
It is just water the common denominator of the two projects ideas, generating element and focal point of the garden.1Soft Line – The second project idea want to search, in contrast to the formal geometry of the first plant, a softer modelling through the geometry of the ground.
The result is an informal system that creates, through the volumes of the meadows, its architectural design.
A design that reinterprets Islamic culture with a contemporary eye: basic elements persist in the plant of the East as water, generator, in this case, the landscape design.
The whole plant to the ground is weel shaded, like an oasis, with palm trees and trees with foliage expanded.23Massive use of palms, canopy trees, shrubs and flowering ground will create an “urban Oasis effect” to give shade and cooling the microclimate under the sun. Steps and ramps will connect the lower level to the upper central plaza.45Trellised roadway to hide the impact of the car passage from backyards green spaces and upper floors. The trellised covered with evergreen vines like Bouganvillea glabra, together with canopy trees and edgerows of evergreen shrubs, will create a “green gallery” effect and a valid method to reduce the noise and air pollution, leaving the necessary privacy to the adiacent pathway and private gardens.67Trellised parkings and central road, beside walkpaths, drainage system and green spaces.
Also in the central area same trellised green frames are utilized to give protection to the walkpaths and shade to the cars.
Beside the paths and the green spaces the rainwater runoff will be evacuated easily with little channels in the pavement.89Side pathways with slope to lower level and open windows of the underground parking: this solution provide the necessary ventilation of the underground and a better natural light of the parking.
From lower level the views of the outside landscape will create a better environment to live.10

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