Golf Casalborsetti

Project: 18 hole golf course and resort
Location: Casalborsetti, Italy
Landscape Design: GSAssociati, Ravenna
Golf Course Design: GSAssociati, Ravenna
Architecture: Cino Zucchi Architetti, Milan, Italy
Client: ITERcoop Marina S.Vitale s.r.l.
Year: 2007/2012
Photos: GSAssociati
Golf Casalborsetti, Casalborsetti, Italy
An integrated approach

In the design scheme here represented, the planning process of the golf course is the starting point for a wider scale analysis where the relationship between the natural environment issues, the landscape design, and the shapes of the urban zones are the central points considering the actual broader sensibility facing these themes.
The approach adopted was to try from the beginning to connect in an organic manner the different behaviours, the design cultures, facing the various scales and point of views of the project.12345678The golf course was routed several times to ensure that all the permit and environmental issues could be addressed and a natural Park of 75 hectars has been preserved with conservation and restoration actions to be planned inside the forests.
Also 30 hectares of existing agricultural land has been redesigned as new wetlands, pinewood, shrubs and grassed areas, beside the existing preserved dunes in between the new golf holes.910The urban shapes of the residential areas establish the new relationships between the local context: on the north side the connection with the village roads of Casalborsetti is evident, the south and east bounderies that faces directly on the pinewood assumes more natural, flowing organic forms.11

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